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hello, I'm new

Hi, I'm new, but as you can see by my icon, I really, really like Hakkai. //o_^= Especially as voiced by the one and only Akira Ishida.

I'm mostly active on FFN, where I beta for ASeptemberRose (Saruzake here on LJ). I also write my own fiction-- scratch that, I write EPIC fanfictions, threads, whatever you want to call it. Here are a few of my own that I hope fellow Hakkai fans will enjoy, in order of Gonou/Hakkai's age at the time. [Smoke Signals is my main arc - for more info, please see my FFN profile: link]

Blasphemy: The trouble with raising children in a Catholic orphanage in China becomes apparent during Easter when Gonou tries to question the teachings of the presiding Sister. [Pre Journey, No Pairings]

A Fine Line: The salvation of three pieces of silver. Gonou's transformation into a youkai and his tragic plunge into madness. Collapsing in the rain, he is eventually discovered on the brink of death, but hardly alive. [Gonou POV, Darkfic, No pairings] (...except 8K if you count the angsty thoughts)

Beast of Burden: Hakuryu's previous owner wasn't quite as amiable as Hakkai, whose many skills will be put to the test both in & out of combat. Too bad Gojyo can't even find a clean shirt to wear! [Hakuryu Discovery story inspired by the Premium OVA]

Simple Things: [Follow-up to Beast of Burden] Sometimes little things like getting a haircut & chasing rabbits can be all it takes to keep a boy amused, as Hakkai & Gojyo learn when they have to 'babysit' Goku for the 1st time. Where did the nyoibo come from? [Pre Journey, No Pairings]
*Incomplete* Male Bonding: When Banri visits during the Burial arc, he brings back memories not only for Gojyo, but Hakkai as well. While Gojyo keeps Banri busy at their old house, Hakkai leaves to see Sanzo & ends up doing more than just give Goku his math lesson. [Smoke Signals]

I wholly appreciate constructive criticism (or just reviews ^^; that works too)

Oh! And bonus pics on my dA account: stuffed Hakuryu plush I made for my Hakkai cosplay. //o_^=

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OhayouCon, Minna-san
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