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Saiyuki-inspired Poetry

What is all this? Well, it's my attempt at poetry inspired by Saiyuki. The reason that only a sampling is being shown here is because I will be publishing a book of songs & poetry soon and these poems will be included. The ones with titles are poems I have finished and aren't included here; the ones without titles aren't done yet.

So why the numbering system? Well, we're all familiar with the Ikkou as 3, 5, 8, and 9, but I took the liberty of filling in Kougaiji as 1, Lirin as 2, Jien/Doku as 4, Hakuryu as 6, Yaone as 7, and some extras in the 100 block. The "o" stands for "on" - meaing that #12 was inspired by Kou's thoughts on Lirin.

What's that about a book now? If you feel inclined to support me in my endeavors, you can find out more information at

The main entry:

17. Butterfly (KoY)

23. Meanie (Lo3)

35. Instigator (3o5)

38. Martyr (3o8)

41. Kindred Spirit (DoK)

68. Master (Ho8)

87. Miss (8oY)

103. Son (Koum_o3)

105. Hers (Mom_o5)
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