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A possible chance to meet Minekura-sensei?

Hi Everyone:

I don't know if many of you know about the Fujoshi Paradise Yaoi Tour that is run by Pop Japan Travel... but the event is tour of yaoi-related destinations that runs in mid-April of 2008 and costs roughly $2200, including air fare from LAX and hotel.

Part of the draw of the tour is that the tour group gets a private meeting with Makoto Tateno, the manga-ka for the "Yellow" series.

The reason I am bringing this up in the saiyuki comm is because I have been conversing with the tour coordinator about the 2009 tour. I asked him whether or not there is a possibility of having the 2009 tour include a meeting with Minekura-sensei... and he is currently looking into the possibility.

What I wanted to ask the saiyuki community was -- if this were to actually happen -- and he could arrange a private meeting with Minekura-sensei... how many people in this community would seriously consider going?

I know $2200 is quite steep... but the price does include air fare and hotel. (There is also a cheaper land-only package for those of you who want to arrange your own flights...)

Serious inquiries only please... because I would like to be able to go back to him and give him a rough estimate of how many people are serious about being part of the tour.

A large group would facilitate his ability to negotiate with Minekura-sensei's business managers and publishers.

Thank you in advance.
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