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hakkailove's Journal

Pretty Hate Machine
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This is a community for Hakkai-worship. Hakkai as in Cho Hakkai from Gensomaden Saiyuki. XD Tenpou-worship is also allowed/encouraged, considering Tenpou and Hakkai are the same. Any and all topics regarding Hakkai/Tenpou and, to a lesser extent, the rest of the Saiyuki gang (both Gensomaden and Gaiden) are acceptable, but really, if you want to talk more general stuff, check out daiji_na_mono. Great group. o.^V We also have a sister community! Check out gojyolove.

A few rules.

#1: There will be NO bashing of other people's opinions. Sure, state your own, but don't get snippy or I boot you. There will be no 'couples' wars. 'Kay? o.c;

#2: This group is YAOI FRIENDLY.

#3: Be courteous. Some cussing/cursing is allowed but try to keep it low for other people's sensitivities. (This goes for me -- chohakkai -- too, and I cuss like a sailor.)

#4: Have fun!

Feel free to post links to images (or use a cut-tag to share them -- cut-tagging saves on page-loading time) and to fanfiction. If the fanfiction's rated "R" or above, note that in the link so people don't stumble into something they don't really wanna read.