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12th February 2008

amai_kaminari11:05pm: A possible chance to meet Minekura-sensei?
Hi Everyone:

I don't know if many of you know about the Fujoshi Paradise Yaoi Tour that is run by Pop Japan Travel... but the event is tour of yaoi-related destinations that runs in mid-April of 2008 and costs roughly $2200, including air fare from LAX and hotel.

Part of the draw of the tour is that the tour group gets a private meeting with Makoto Tateno, the manga-ka for the "Yellow" series.

The reason I am bringing this up in the saiyuki comm is because I have been conversing with the tour coordinator about the 2009 tour. I asked him whether or not there is a possibility of having the 2009 tour include a meeting with Minekura-sensei... and he is currently looking into the possibility.

What I wanted to ask the saiyuki community was -- if this were to actually happen -- and he could arrange a private meeting with Minekura-sensei... how many people in this community would seriously consider going?

I know $2200 is quite steep... but the price does include air fare and hotel. (There is also a cheaper land-only package for those of you who want to arrange your own flights...)

Serious inquiries only please... because I would like to be able to go back to him and give him a rough estimate of how many people are serious about being part of the tour.

A large group would facilitate his ability to negotiate with Minekura-sensei's business managers and publishers.

Thank you in advance.
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29th January 2008

clytemnaestra7:15pm: Hakkai Cosplay Pics
I was lucky enough to have my best friend cosplay as Gojyo this year for the Phoenix ComiCon- it was a great Con, TONS of people and some really great cosplay. I didn't see any other Saiyuki cosplayers, though I did find a picture of a Sanzo online that was supposedly there(?).

Anyways, here are my pics!
Limiter Close-up

Cosplay pics under the cut- Beware of large images!Collapse )

There was a professional photographer there this year, so the nice-looking pictures are from there. They can be seen in their original form HERE
(We are on pages 44 and 45- these guys took over 3,000 pictures this weekend!)

(All my photos from the Con can be found HERE)

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27th October 2007

tsubameongaku4:12pm: glasses_bishies Introduction!
Greetings, Everyone! ^_^

I don't know if this is allowed, please delete it any time, Mods! But I just wanted to announce that Cho Hakkai-sama, the intelligent and mature one of the group, needs our love and support for our next Glasses Bishie Contest! that the glasses_bishies community hold every month.

Voting for this month is already over, but there is still hope for him next month! He needs our support. Thank you, everyone.

This is a fairly new community where we worship glasses bishies of every fandom in anime and manga.

((Note to the mods: If possible, may we affiliate with your community? Thank you very much. ))
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25th October 2007

frudence7:30pm: Saiyuki-inspired Poetry

What is all this? Well, it's my attempt at poetry inspired by Saiyuki. The reason that only a sampling is being shown here is because I will be publishing a book of songs & poetry soon and these poems will be included. The ones with titles are poems I have finished and aren't included here; the ones without titles aren't done yet.

So why the numbering system? Well, we're all familiar with the Ikkou as 3, 5, 8, and 9, but I took the liberty of filling in Kougaiji as 1, Lirin as 2, Jien/Doku as 4, Hakuryu as 6, Yaone as 7, and some extras in the 100 block. The "o" stands for "on" - meaing that #12 was inspired by Kou's thoughts on Lirin.

What's that about a book now? If you feel inclined to support me in my endeavors, you can find out more information at http://destined.to/jenmmiddleton

A Preview of the PoetryCollapse )
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18th May 2007

frudence2:28am: new 535 comm
The 535 community has a new home at bad_friends Thank you for your attention and now back to your regularly scheduled program. :-)

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2nd May 2007

frudence1:03am: hello, I'm new
Hi, I'm new, but as you can see by my icon, I really, really like Hakkai. //o_^= Especially as voiced by the one and only Akira Ishida.

I'm mostly active on FFN, where I beta for ASeptemberRose (Saruzake here on LJ). I also write my own fiction-- scratch that, I write EPIC fanfictions, threads, whatever you want to call it. Here are a few of my own that I hope fellow Hakkai fans will enjoy, in order of Gonou/Hakkai's age at the time. [Smoke Signals is my main arc - for more info, please see my FFN profile: link]

Four-and-a-half stories about HakkaiCollapse )

I wholly appreciate constructive criticism (or just reviews ^^; that works too)

Oh! And bonus pics on my dA account: stuffed Hakuryu plush I made for my Hakkai cosplay. //o_^=

previews of the dA picsCollapse )
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19th March 2007

organa_solo12:02am: Saiyuki icon dump
Here they are ^^

+ 54 Saiyuki icons
+ Gensoumaiden, Gaiden, Reload, Artbooks; black-and-white, coloured
+ No hotlinking
+ Textless icons may be used as bases
+ Credit when use
+ Comment ^^
+ Enjoy!


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Go to the West!

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14th January 2007

pzb5:40pm: Hakkai fanart...
I'd been working on this for a while now, though just recently was able to finish it up.

Cut to save layouts and those stuck on dial-up...Collapse )

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5th January 2007

organa_solo1:08am: Saiyuki: w&b icons collection
+24 white & black Saiyuki icons.
+1 animated.
+Mainly Hakkai (Tenpou) and Sanzo (Konzen).
+No hotlinking, plz.
+I love your comments!
+Enjoy! As usual XD


Just like the sun... White and black sun xD
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26th June 2006

tj_dragonblade8:53pm: [Fic] Playing Doctor
Title: Playing Doctor
Author: TJ Dragonblade
Genre: Shounen-ai, fluff
Rated: 11+
Pairing: Gojyo/Hakkai
Warnings: This fic is pure cotton candy - sweet and fluffy with little to nothing in the way of substance or nutritional value. The author assumes no liability for dental bills resulting from the reading of this fic.
Setting: Generically mid-journey, pre-Reload wardrobe; random inn
Summary: Healer!Hakkai and Gojyo with a minor wound...

♥ Many heartfelt thanks to Kiro and Sorcha for the beta work.

WORKSAFE; linked to my LJ

Cross-posted from here to there and back again; my apologies to those seeing it multiple times.

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2nd June 2006

envirion10:23am: Lots of Saiyuki stuff for sale
I hope this is within the community rules.

(Follow the Fake LJ-cut)

x-posted many times ^^;;

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30th May 2006

tj_dragonblade1:00am: [Fic] Awakenings
Title: Awakenings
Author: TJ Dragonblade
Rated: 13+
Pairings: Hakkai/Gojyo. Peripheral Gojyo/OFC, Hakkai/Kanan, brief speculation on Goku/Sanzo.
Setting: Erm...early-to-mid-journey, summertime. Bearing in mind that I have no real idea what season they set out in. Probably fits better with the anime timeline, pre-Homura.

Summary: Gojyo's luck with the ladies one night leads Hakkai to the discovery of an inexplicable jealousy and Gojyo to the discovery of an equally inexplicable emptiness...

Warnings: Yaoi. Mild angst and sap. Scattered language. Mention of het with brief nudity. Mild spoilers for Hakkai's history, including the Burial Arc in Reload 4.

Disclaimer: The many incarnations and characters of Saiyuki were created by the wonderfully talented Kazuya Minekura--may she be forever blessed and properly deified for sharing her vision with the rest of us. I venture onto her playground in the name of entertainment and maintaining my sanity; in so doing I mean no disrespect or copyright infringement.

Cross-posting: hardlove, hakkailove and saiyukiyaoi, as I wasn't a comm-member when I first posted this back in 2004.

Part One of Three Contains brief flashes of fantasy that aren't quite worksafe.

Part Two of Three Mentions female nudity; work-safety issue left to individual discretion

Part Three of Three Worksafe

As this was my first real Saiyuki fic, I've never been quite satisfied that it had come out 'right'. Having moved into my second year in the fandom, I felt that I'd gotten a better handle on writing these guys and so began quite a bit of revision on this. Having now entered my third year, I'm thinking perhaps it's time to wrap up the tweaking and call it good enough. ^_^; Still far from perfect, and still flawed. 'Course, I was never aiming for perfect and I don't feel it's worth it to completely re-write the thing to address its flaws.

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25th January 2006

clytemnaestra10:32pm: 58- Gojyo x Hakkai FanArt/FanFic Contest!
sorry to flood your friends' pages everyone, but i'd like to promote a Gojyo x Hakkai fanart/fic contest that hardlove is having.

The theme is Valentine's Day, and I'm sure everyone has seen other fan sites doing this or something similar, so we wanted to join in the fun! (and also get some action in that otherwise dead community).

Deadline is February 14th (obviously), and all Fanart/Fanfics MUST be Gojyo x Hakkai in nature (no matter how subtle or overt- could be a total friendship thing, or a total yaoi thing- up to you!).

To submit, simply go to This post and comment. Voting will be on February 15th.

Feel free to ask any questions in this post or the one at hardlove! I'd really love to see some great submissions!

(there are two categories- one for art and one for fics, btw)


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9th January 2006

wolfmel263:11pm: It's Been A While
Hello, i haven't posted here in some time. How much of the Saiyuki series has everyone seen. So far I have the first season. I watched all of reload and about 13 episodes of Gunlock. Also I was wondering those of you who read the manga, do like the fact that Homura, Shien, and Zenon were put into the anime? Also Saiyuki Reload Manga the anime changes the order just a little doesn't it?
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12th September 2005

hatake_iruka6:55pm: Hush, Sweet Priest
I've been Writing this fic for a while now and it's now up to a 3rd chapter so i decided to post it.

Title: Hush, Sweet Priest
Rating: NC-17
Couples: Sanzo/Hakkai, talk about Gojyo/Goku later
Type: Romance, Hakkai POV
Summery: Sometimes, a moon lit night can start the most beautiful things.


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23rd August 2005

roy_rules8:52pm: New Obssessor Here
Yes, hello. I am new member of this community, and am thankful for someone actually starting a Hakkai/Tenpou/Gonou community. Hakkai is by far one of the best characters in Saiyuki. And some of us go to far with our fandom, and cos-play as Hakkai at school. I didn't get into trouble, just the monocle and the ball with string attached as my chi freaked out the teachers, a little. Braden Hunt and Akira Ishida, are great voice actors, especially their work on Hakkai. And, well...I just wanted to say hi and drop a line since I am a new member. Keep the fandom and obession of Hakkai/Tenpou/Gonou alive!! "0_^'
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18th July 2005

wolfmel263:43pm: Saiyuki Reload
Has anyone picked up Saiyuki Reload Volume 1? I have heard that the voice actors are not the same as Gensomaden Saiyuki.
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16th July 2005

hatake_iruka1:16pm: wallpaper
i'm new to the group, though i've loved hakkai for a while now XD anyways, i thought i'd show you all a wallpaper i made sometime ago. it's pretty nifty, and yes, there are also sanzo and goku ones of the same series. soon i'll make a gojyo one.

if ya want the goku one:
or sanzo:


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12th March 2005

mistressrenet4:18pm: Fic: Delta
Even memories change. Set post-Journey. 585, Kanan/Gonou, maybe a little 39 if you're looking. Thanks to Treneka and Tiggy Malvern for betaing. Hard R or very soft NC-17, you tell me.

X-posted to saiyuki and my own journal; will be archived at Echoes from the West.

DeltaCollapse )

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6th March 2005

wolfmel261:46pm: Whom Do You Like The Most
Whom do you like the most, Cho Gonou, Cho Hakkai or Tenpou Gensui? and Why?

I like Cho Gonou the most. He looks so frigin sexy in Reload eeeee
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20th January 2005

wildelamassu5:05pm: the EftW meme ^^
Crossposted many places ^^


In a brilliant marketing move on the site's part, Echoes from the West, the largest Saiyuki archive in the English-speaking fandom, is holding its first writing contest.

From the contest blurb: "There is no requirement that the fics nominated must have been written after the competition starts, so if you know of any good fictions published elsewhere, encourage the writer to post it over here!"

If you haven't archived there, it's quick and easy to do so, and you'll be automatically eligible for nomination. You can also nominate your favorite stories.

The contest submission period runs from January 20 2005 - February 28 2005, and voting/nominations go from March 1 - March 19 2005.

AAAAnnnddd...the contest has tangible prizes, such as the Saiyuki Requiem DVD, the Vocal Album, and those silly-adorable chibi keychains. ^^

It's more exposure for your work /and/ the chance to win shiny prizes.

So, really, it's anything but a Zero-Sum situation. *badumching*
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14th January 2005

paulafromtwoson3:33am: Hakki Question~~~ (SPOILERS if you haven't read the manga)
Hello all,

I've read the whole original Japanese Saiyuki manga series and seen the Japanese anime in Japanese and have a question about the English version... In the Japanese manga (it was left out of the anime) Hakkai admits to Gojyo that Kanan (his girlfriend's name in the Japanese version) was also actually his sister... I was wondering if this was changed or left out in the English version (seems like something they'd censor or something ^^;). Also, was it mentioned in the anime (in the Japanese version of the anime, he only says "she was like a sister...").

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2nd January 2005

haiiro7:12pm: Fanart! Sparkly!
Behind the CutCollapse )
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29th December 2004

clytemnaestra12:16am: A Hakkai Wallpaper for you all
hello all- i made a Hakkai wallpaper, it's not that good, but i thought i'd share it. i'm new at wallpaper-making, usually i just do icons.
anyway, it's behind the cut.
The truth behind the smileCollapse )

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